We share so many adventures with our animal companions. There are endless ways to honor the bond that we share with these amazing creatures who bless us with their unconditional love. Whether you are preparing for the final end-of-life journey or wish to recognize a companion who has already passed, here are some ideas and things to consider. Please note that this list is provided for information only, and is not an endorsement of the websites or services that are linked from this page.  Body Care Options Holding for Ceremony Some families may wish to keep their loved one at home a little longer before burial orRead More →

Being an animal lover is often equated with owning a lot of animals. It should equally mean respecting the needs of those animals, and making a selfless choice to limit ourselves when necessary. It’s better to enjoy the bond I share with my pets to its fullest, support spay and neuter efforts with my time and money, and enjoy dog ownership vicariously by stealing a few cuddles and kisses from my patients. Read More →

“How did you decide to do animal hospice?” I need to polish my response to this frequent question because, well, I tend to ramble. The seed was planted, I think, when I experienced hospice firsthand with my own dad. I subsequently developed a deep professional interest in pain management and quality of life issues. Seeing an unmet need in my community, I launched my practice in August of 2015. The most common service for which I am called upon is home euthanasia, and my hospice clientele is also growing steadily. It has been an incredible journey. As I developed my business plan, I knew that confronting grief on a regularRead More →

Recommended Reading List Many have found comfort in these resources. See this list on Amazon About Dying – Sara Bonnett Stein The Pet Loss Companion – Ken Dolan-del Vecchio & Nancy Saxton-Lopez Coping with Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet – Moira Anderson Allen Lifetimes – The Beautiful way to Explain Death to Children – Bryan Mellonie and Robert Ingpen My Pet Remembrance Journal – Enid Traisman Helping Children Cope with Separation and Loss – Claudia Jewett Jarratt “I wish I could Hold Your Hand” – Dr. Pat Palmer I’ll Always Love You – Hans Wilhelm Tigger and Friends – Dennis HamleyRead More →

You knew the day had to come sooner or later. Still, it is never easy to hear that a beloved pet has a serious illness. Making important decisions that will have a strong emotional and possibly financial impact on the whole family is stressful. Here’s how you can help yourself and your loved ones as you sort it all out.Read More →

Your help is urgently needed to prevent the suffering and starvation of Hawaii’s free-roaming cats. SB2450 and its companion, HB 2118 would ban the feeding of all animals deemed predators, including stray cats and dogs, on state land. This is a sweeping mandate that would include state beaches, parks, schools and more. It is well known, through experience and research, that there are more effective, compassionate solutions to reducing community cat populations in Hawaii. Please join the Hawaiian Humane Society, the Oahu SPCA, Cat Friends and many other animal welfare organizations and citizens in strongly opposing this legislation. How you can help Submit Testimony in Person SB2450 is scheduled forRead More →