In memory of Trinity

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    We just sent our Trinity girl to heaven yesterday. Trinity was a 14 year old German Shepherd who survived Hemangiosarcoma 3 years prior and lost her ability to walk 3 weeks ago. Trinity was a fighter, but her immobility was neurologic and Trinity was no longer able to be her “working dog” self. The decision was very hard because Trinity’s disposition was still good and she seemed very alert. We have had to make this decision to let our beloved fur friends go two times prior and it never gets easy. The feelings are still the same but time truly heals. The pain eventually subsides and good memories of your loved one consume your thoughts. We still remember what a vet tech told us years ago when we had to say goodbye to Mocha and it stuck with us until today. She said, “Letting them go is the most unselfish thing you can do”. It’s hard, but it’s true. To anyone going through this, have faith in your decision.

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