In Memory of Vinnie

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    Carolyn Naun

    Posted on behalf of Vinnie’s mom:

    Vinnie was so fabulous looking plus had a huge personality and of course he knew it! Thus he was clearly full of himself!! He could saunter into a room of one or two guests, or people working on the house, or several people here as company or dinner guests.
    He would either:

    a). Give someone the stink eye ….with his mind ticking “who the hell are you and don’t even think of taking any of my rooms….they are all mine!”. Or
    b). He would allow you to get closer and then he would wrap his big fluffy tail around your leg and let you know you we ok to give him love and perhaps pick him up or he lay on your lap a bit.

    With me there was no end to how much love he could share and this such a gift! He would even “pet” me back with tapping his tail on my arm or wrapping it around my arm. He gave me even more these past few weeks sleeping with me all night long on top of me or next to me in whichever position I moved in the bed. He was trying to show me back how much he loved me back and wanting me be ok with letting him go. We went through this process together and he let me know the right time.

    Here’s a classic Vinnie story: Whenever I came home (this with two houses) and before I got up the stairs Vinnie would be scratching and banging on the pantry door where his food was. He was so demanding……I wonder where he got this from …haha!!

    Here’s another story: When I took Dante in Vinnie was seriously irate, puffed himself up like a lion, then continued to let him know who was boss for 7 years. He even stole Dante’s bed every night, yet he could have my bed at night and any others during the day. Dante was only allowed his dog bed. If I woke up in the middle of the night and saw this I would scold Vinnie off Dante’s bed. Then Dante would immediately get off the rug and reclaim his bed. One morning I woke up and saw Dante curled in a ball on the little cat bed (like he gave up on getting his own bed back) and took the picture below.

    After Dante died suddenly a few years ago I couldn’t remove his bed so quickly but did at some point. For several days Vinnie slept on his own cat bed (which he never used before) and he stared at Dante’s bed as if trying to convey ..”if you come back I will be a better cat to you”. I think Vinnie “secretly’ loved Dante …he could just never “admit it” until too late.

    Vinnie came home with me at three months old. He hid from Jezebel and Delilah who didn’t welcome him at first. That changed after a few months and Vinnie ruled from there and they loving him.

    I have to say with all of the amazing pets I have loved and lost, Vinnie was the most difficult to let go of and my heart still hurting so much!

    Vincenzio the Conqueror November 18, 1996 – July 19, 2016

    That was his official name on his pedigree papers. From then on it was Vinnie. Other endearing name was Vinka.
    May God bless his precious soul!

    Juliana (Mama)

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