My Trinity Girl

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    About 11 years ago, we were so ever lucky to have inherited this 3yr old female German Shepherd. She was dropped off at the Humane Society and the papers said the owners could no longer take care of her. She was a perfect dog who became the perfect alpha to 4 other dogs, ranging from a Sheltie, 2 Chihuahuas and a Pit Bull/Sharpei mix. My friends could not believe how the dogs got along in one home, having free range in a fenced yard for sun and exercise. Trinity was diagnosed with cancer about 3yrs ago and survived the odds. She was also diagnosed with signs of arthritis in her spine and showing signs of some type of neurological condition which gradually affected her hind legs and the ability to walk normal. Trinity had acupuncture, swimming therapy, and laser from some very loving techs and vet. She was fed special home cooked meals, even chicken feet for collagen. Trinity continually kept trying to walk despite it becoming more difficult as time went on. She was your typical working dog, always wanting to please her master and always keeping a close eye on her master, me. I would have to leave my bathroom door partially open while I’m bathing so she could peek an eye and knew I was okay. She hadn’t been able to get her hind legs to walk for the past 2 weeks and had experience a severe seizure yesterday morning. I could no longer be selfish and think that someday she’ll be able to walk. I had to save her dignity as a German Shepherd. I decided weeks ago that Trinity would want to be at home when it was her time. Luckily, we were recommended by a vet tech to Dr. Naun who does home euthanasia. Trinity got to meet Dr. Naun about a week ago and we felt comfortable with her and had mutual philosophies. We allowed Trinity to eat whatever she wanted to as it was now quality of life and pain management recommendations by Dr. Naun. Yesterday, after the severe seizure, we were faced with saying goodbye. I miss Trinity terribly but I’m okay knowing that she is no longer in pain. Thank you Trinity for bringing much happiness to our family and for keeping the other doggies obedient.

    Love you Trinity Girl!

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