Please Read Before You Post!

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    Carolyn Naun

    Aloha! Welcome to the discussion section. Have something on your mind? Have a question? Post it here!

    A few simple rules to keep this a friendly place for all:

      Remember to always seek medical advice and diagnoses from a licensed veterinarian who has personally examined your pet. There is no substitute! Information posted here should be considered for educational purposes only.

      Please disagree with respect. Foul language, personal attacks, name-calling, and anything else deemed as unkind by the moderator will result in deletion of the post and/or your account without warning or explanation.

      No advertising or soliciting. Period.

    That’s it. When in doubt, just remember to follow the Golden Rule. I will add to these rules if necessary but I have faith in you, my community, to treat each other with respect and kindness.


    Carolyn Naun

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