Paw Pods(TM) and Other Options for Burial and Transportation

We believe strongly in caring for our ‘aina as much as we care for your beloved animal friends. These environmentally-friendly vessels and blankets will completely break down over 3-5 years when placed in the ground, and are also safe for cremation.  You can order these items for pickup at our Kailua office, or call us at 808-435-3006 to request a home delivery.

Paw Pods(TM):

Arms of Aloha is proud to partner with Paw Pods(TM) to bring their wonderful products to Oahu. Paw Pods(TM) are a line of attractive, environmentally friendly biodegradable pet urns and burial pods. They are paintable for those wishing to create a more personalized memorial.

Pods and urns can be purchased directly from Arms of Aloha for pick up in our Kailua office, or we can home deliver for an extra charge based on your location. See bottom of page for special pricing and inclusions for clients. 

Heart-Shaped Urns:



Burial Pods:

These sturdy pods snap snugly closed, and can also be used for transportation to the crematory.

Medium: $129.99

18″ long x 12.5″ wide by 8″ deep


Large: $179.99

26″ long x 18″ wide x 10″ deep


Burial Shrouds:

100% organic cotton fleece is another environmentally friendly option for transporting your beloved friend to the crematory, or for use in a home burial. Accommodates any size pet, but particularly suitable for large dogs. $59.99 for off-white cloth with choice of ribbon color. Other colors or patterns may be available by special order.

Example of materials – may not be exactly as shown

Especially for Our Home Euthanasia Clients

If you use our compassionate home euthanasia service and do not need us to provide cremation, you may select any one of the above items to be included with your service. We can also offer you any one Paw Pods(TM) product at special pricing in addition to cremation. Please ask us for details.