Pets in Pain (QUIZ)

How much do you know about the way our pets express pain? And what can you do about it? Take this two minute quiz to test your knowledge!

grumpy cat

Could your pet be trying to tell you something? Most of us could recognize the obvious signs, but dogs and cats often express discomfort differently than we do. Read on to test your knowledge and learn about important clues you don't want to miss.

What percentage of cats over age ten have arthritis pain?
True or false: Some cats will purr when in pain or distress.
Which of the following over the counter pain medications is safe for dogs?
True or False: Dogs always whimper and cry when they are in pain.
When pets experience dental pain, they:
Which of the following is a sign of pain or discomfort in a dog?
Arthritis pain in pets is often mistaken for:
Previously house trained cats will often stop using the litter box if:
Which if the following types of dog is more likely to be stoic (does not readily express his or her pain)?
Sometimes the only sign a cat shows when they are in pain is:

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