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August 3, 2017

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Arms of Aloha Celebrates Anniversary
Hawaii’s Pioneering Animal Hospice has been Serving Patients for Two Years

[Kailua, HI]: Since August of 2015, Oahu’s pets and their owners have had expanded options for end-of-life care. Arms of Aloha provides hospice care and compassionate home euthanasia services for animals, and emotional support for their human families.

A local veterinarian, Dr. Carolyn Naun, started the hospice because she felt there was a need for comfort care during the advanced stages of life-limiting illnesses. Her team, which includes a certified veterinary technician and a certified pet loss grief counselor, collaborates with the human caregivers, creating a personalized care plan addressing the pet’s medical and emotional needs, as well as the resources, schedules, psychological, and spiritual needs of the family. They offer in-home consultations and ongoing support anywhere on Oahu.

“Pets have truly become part of the family. Many people consider their animals to be children,” says Dr. Naun, “but unlike human children, due to their shorter life span, most of us must inevitably face that pet’s end-of-life stage. It can be incredibly overwhelming.

“We sit down with the family and let them tell us their full story, then walk with them on that journey, providing support not just through the death of the pet, but beyond that while they’re grieving.”

The most popular services are in-home euthanasia and hospice care. Arms of Aloha also sells assistive devices, sells and rents wheelchairs for dogs, and provides grief support. Their pet loss support group, open to the public, meets weekly at their Kailua office. And pet owners are always welcome to call to discuss their options. “We do a lot of talking on the phone,” says Dr. Naun.

A centerpiece of the practice is its website. Dr. Naun curates an online library of topics ranging from practical tips and decision making to coping with grief. “It’s really important to me,” she says, “to be able to provide something helpful to anyone who calls us or visits the website, whether they choose to engage our services or not.”

Animal hospice and palliative (comfort) care is a relatively new specialty in veterinary medicine. Dr. Naun will be among the first cohort to become a Certified Palliative Care Veterinarian later this year. Students had to complete 100 hours of advanced training, submit two comprehensive case reports demonstrating their knowledge and competence in palliative medicine, and pass a certification exam.

Dr. Naun looks forward to helping even more pets and families as they embark on their third year in practice.


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