Available as part of the Keepsake Package, Ultimate Remembrance Package, or Serenity Package. See more about packages here.

Are you looking for something unique and handcrafted to keep a piece of your loved one close to your heart? These hand blown memorials are made with care and respect by glass artist Mark Hamilton. A small quantity of ashes is incorporated into molten glass and then integrated into the design of the piece. No two come out alike, making the final piece as individual as the special bond you shared with your pet.

The round pieces are flat on the back side and convex shaped on the front. Each measures approximately 3/4-1″ in diameter. Includes a 16 or 20 inch sterling silver chain (not pictured).

To order one of these pendants as part of a package, please let us know before or at the time of your appointment.

Galaxy Cremation Bead
Purple Nebula Cremation Pendant
Clear Spiral Cremation Pendant
Spiral Galaxy Cremation Pendant