Background: We know making a euthanasia decision is difficult and we try to make the scheduling experience as flexible and convenient for you as we can.

Currently, our appointments are spaced to allow for adequate travel time, regardless of where our clients are located geographically. This means 1) We do not need to restrict availability to certain areas on certain days, 2) Clients can conveniently book themselves online and confirm their slot 24/7 without first checking with a team member, and 3) Our doctor arrives no more than five minutes late greater than 95% of the time.

Lately, demand has increased dramatically and wait times for euthanasia appointments are typically 1-2 days, sometimes stretching to 4-5 days. Because not everyone can plan that far ahead, it means sometimes we cannot help because of a lack of timely availability. We are looking at a number of solutions to this. One option would be to add more appointment slots per day. Without putting any restrictions on availability, this means our doctor will be much more likely to be running late, possibly by as much as 1/2 hour or in rare circumstances, up to an hour. If this were to happen, we would keep you updated on her arrival time.