Arms of Aloha brings comfort to beloved animals and their caregivers with medical, emotional, and spiritual support throughout the pet’s end-of-life phase or a chronic illness. We firmly believe in a team approach and offer highly personalized care that respects the needs and wishes of the family unit. Our mission is to facilitate a meaningful, peaceful, and even beautiful end-of-life experience for both the pet and their family.

Core values

  • We show mutual respect for all members of the team, including caregivers.
  • We strive to practice empathy for the community of animal lovers that we serve. We understand that people are not always their best when they are grieving, and forgive easily.
  • We are committed to following evidence-based practices whenever possible.
  • We are open to new ideas or alternative pathways if the situation calls for it, and couple that with respectfully educating the caregivers about the risks and benefits of any proposed plan.
  • We aim to support each other as thoughtfully as we support our patients and clients.
  • We expect a reasonable work-life balance for all team members, regardless of any individual’s family status. We know we do our best work if we each have the opportunity to rest and recharge.

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