How can we help?

I'm having trouble knowing whether my pet has good quality of life.
We can talk you through all the aspects of your pet’s quality of life and develop a plan to improve it. Request an in-home consultation or learn more.


I'm not sure if it is time yet to euthanize my pet, or whether I still have more options.
This is an extremely personal decision, and every family is different. Our doctor can explain your options over the phone. These may include a consultation for hospice care, treatment of the illness, diagnostic testing, or a home euthanasia. Please note we cannot specifically recommend any plan or make a diagnosis without first physically examining your pet. Ask our doctor for help.


I need someone to come to my home to euthanize my pet.
We offer compassionate in-home euthanasia for pets that live on Oahu.


I need help caring for a pet in chronic pain or with a chronic illness.
Our doctor can visit your home, discuss  your needs, and help you develop a care plan. We can arrange for  in-home nursing care, pet sitting services, physical therapy, or other services to get you the support you and your pet deserve. Request an in-home consultation or learn more


I am concerned about the side effects of my pet's treatment for a chronic or terminal illness.
Many side effects can be managed! Our doctor can provide comfort care to complement your pet’s treatment plan. We take a team approach and encourage your regular veterinarian,  specialist(s), and of course YOU to weigh in on the options. Request an in-home consultation or learn more.


I'm worried about how I will know when to euthanize my pet.
No one wants to give up too soon or cause a beloved pet to suffer. We can discuss your decision on the phone. Whether or not you choose hospice care, we’ll offer a friendly ear and guidance. You don’t have to struggle with this alone. Get in touch.


I don't believe in euthanasia, and I don't want my pet to be in pain or distress during the dying process.
We can assist you in managing symptoms, including pain and anxiety, that often accompany the natural dying process. You’ll receive education on what to expect, what to do, and when to call for help. If you change your mind and elect euthanasia, you are free to do so at any time. Ask for a hospice consultation.


I have questions about your services.