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This was probably the hardest decision I have ever made in my life and you made it 100% better. I don't know if I could have done this without you. I definitely would not have had the peace and closure that I have.

[Dr Naun] gave sound recommendation and was sensitive to our situation. Professional as she was, she sent a report to my dog's regular vet to keep everyone in the loop that same day. I recommend Dr Naun to anyone going through what I'm experiencing as it will come to that sooner than later.

We can't thank you enough for your compassionate response to asking you to come to our home on such short notice. You truly were a Godsend! May you be blessed a million times over for what you do to help everyone through these tough times of saying Aloha to our beloved pets.

Many thanks for your thoughtfulness, your kind caring and the warmth that you showed during this process. . .We truly appreciate what you do, allowing us to be with our sweet girl, in the comfort of our own home, in the gentlest way possible. Thank you for that gift!

Dr. Naun put together a pain management plan for Trinity and also recommended pet sitters for those times when we had to be away from her for longer than desired periods of time. It's very comforting to know that there is such a thing as pet hospice and I totally recommend Arms of Aloha and Dr. Naun to anyone out there whose beloved pet may need extra special care.

Words alone could never express our gratitude for the loving and compassionate care you provided to our sweet girl. It was a true comfort in our time of grief, to know she was in the care of the best.

Thank you for your service, and the sincere compassion that you and your team have for pets and their families.

I am so grateful that you offer this service and the compassion and care you showed to both Chloe and me. Your little touches like inserting the IV line in Chloe's hind leg, giving me space to say my goodbyes and finally wrapping my Chloe in a soft, pretty, blue blanket were very important to me. You took such care and I am so glad I called you instead of taking Chloe to her vet's office.

I told [my friends] of my good experience and I hope when the time comes, they will make arrangements with Arms of Aloha and give their dogs this final parting gift. They will not regret it.

Please continue to do what you do; on behalf of all pet owners who have found themselves in a similar situation as we were, ‎your support and services are truly a blessing.

I am so grateful for all that you have done for my family and Sam. The whole experience was as good as it could have been, Thank You!

You truly live out your business name Arms of Aloha!! I can't find the words to express to you how much it has meant since Wailea's passing, that you have reached out to comfort us - through phone call, paw print keepsake and most recently via beautiful note! Such a special touch. Thank you so very much!!

Thank you all you did yesterday to make Max and our family comfortable. . .even though a difficult time for me, it was such a nice experience; a beautiful day, he chose a favorite place in the shade, and loving family was there.

Love "Arms of Aloha" the support, information and overall caring they have for your situation with your pet is such a comfort and warmth of the heart . They have helped me to enjoy all the good days I still can embrace with my furry friend.

Thank you sooooooo much for helping our beloved girl. You're our angel of mercy... and heaven sent!

Thanks for your help with everything. We're so pleased with how everything went thanks to you. It is an invaluable service.

You have been a godsend, and I cannot tell you enough how much your visit and counsel and help have been exactly what has been needed. I know that we have the right person with us for the rest of this journey. As you can tell -- she is our child, means the world to us -- and we want to do the right thing by her. Thanks for being our partner in that.

Thank you for giving us so much more than we expected: comfort, confidence and care. We received the clay impression today. Thank you so much, it is beautiful. I love the details and feel like he is with me.

From the very first phone call to Arms of Aloha, we were treated with very sincere kindness and sympathy. This company truly embodies the spirit of Aloha in every sense of the word and I couldn't ask for more caring arms. Dr. Naun took care of everything. All I had to do was hold my loving "Weezie" in my arms, in her favorite chair, as she reached the Rainbow Bridge

Your care of Luci (and us) was such a comfort. I just cannot imagine how we would have made it through this if we hadn’t had you to rely on. You were remarkably responsive, understanding and compassionate while at the same time demonstrating such a high level of professionalism – and I don’t often put compassion and professionalism in the same thought . . .I also believe, as time passes, that we will remember her passing as loving and peaceful. We have you to thank for that.

I want to thank Dr. Naun again for her wonderful, compassionate treatment of Charlie. It was such a relief to have him at home with his loving family. Mahalo to Arms of Aloha for making such a difficult time a lot less devastating.

Thank you Dr. Naun. We couldn't have asked for a more positive experience to let our buddy Jett go. Thank you for your kindness, compassion, and empathy.

Thank you for making our beloved Kilani comfortable. We are grateful for your services that you provided to make it comforting to our children.