Please continue to do what you do; on behalf of all pet owners who have found themselves in a similar situation as we were, ‎your support and services are truly a blessing.

Saying goodbye to a beloved companion is hard.

It’s normal to feel doubt and even guilt over making this most difficult decision. If you have questions or need assistance evaluating your pet’s quality of life, we want to help.




What to expect

Imagine spending your final moments surrounded by loved ones in your favorite place, comfortable and unburdened by pain or fear. Soothing hands are touching you, familiar voices are murmuring words of affection. Your senses gently fade as you drift into a deep, peaceful slumber. The last thing you feel as you leave this world is a profound sense of love all around you.

Everything we do is focused on enabling this very experience for your precious companion.




Making the decision

When is it time to offer the gift of a peaceful passing? “He’ll let you know when it’s time,” people may tell you, or “She’ll give you a sign.”

But what if that sign never comes?

The truth is, there isn’t always a bright line indicating when the balance has tipped and the bad outweighs the good. We can provide you with tools to evaluate your pet’s quality of life and help you make a sensible decision.



In the meantime, you may want to think about the experience you want. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

    • Where would you like to be? Most pets are very comfortable on their own living room floor or couch. Other popular choices are a favorite bed, the backyard, the beach, a park, or even in the car.
    • Who should be there? Your pet’s special people may want the chance to say goodbye or to be present during the final moments.
  • How would you like to care for your loved one’s remains? Most families choose cremation. We can save and bring their ashes home to you, or the crematory can scatter them in Kaneohe Bay. If your HOA and zoning laws permit, you could do a home burial instead of cremation. Learn more about your aftercare options here.

Making the appointment

When you’re ready to schedule, just let us know. You can call  808-435-3006 or schedule online.




We do not require an exam or records from your regular vet. We can usually accommodate a euthanasia request within 1-2 days. Due to high demand, same day openings are uncommon so we suggest you try to plan ahead when possible. There are limited slots on weekends and evenings (an extra charge may apply). You can view our upcoming schedule here.

If plans or circumstances change, you can cancel up to two hours in advance without penalty. See our cancellation policy.

Before the appointment

How do you want to spend this time together? Maybe you would enjoy sharing a favorite activity or normally “forbidden” treats. We handle all planning and logistics so you can relax and focus on your beloved friend. There’s no need to withhold medications or food before the appointment.

During the appointment

We carefully select sedatives and protocols that aid a smooth and peaceful transition, but since no two animals and families are alike, we will tailor the details to your situation. If you have special needs, concerns, or requests, don’t hesitate to ask for our help in creating the experience you want.

The process typically takes 30-45 minutes, but we schedule appointments for 1.5 hours to enable you and your pet to set the pace.

Don’t worry about the unexpected. Our doctor will talk you through each step before it happens.


Once your pet has passed, you will have the chance to pay your respects in private.

    • If you chose cremation, our doctor will take them directly to the crematory.
    • If you are burying your pet at home we can gently wrap him or her in an earth-friendly 100% cotton shroud. We’ll also share tips for preparing the burial site.
    • You’ll receive a custom clay paw print keepsake stamped with your pet’s name, carefully painted, and sealed with acrylic. Extra paw prints or nose prints can be requested for an additional cost. Please let us know in advance if you want extras.
  • If your pet’s ashes are being returned to you, we’ll be in touch within a few days to bring him or her home.

After the appointment

The loss of a companion who gave us pure, unconditional love is a significant life event. Your feelings of grief may be very intense – be kind to yourself and know your feelings are normal and you are not alone.
Our Caregiver Support Team offers grief services before and after your loss.

What does home euthanasia cost?

Looking for something special to commemorate your beloved? We also offer appointment packages that include custom engraved urns and keepsakes starting at $850. Learn more here.

Prices are effective as of November 1, 2018 and are subject to change at any time. 4.712% Hawaii General Excise Tax not included.




Regular office hours (Mon-Sat 9am-5pm; last appointment begins at 3pm)

Regular $475
Extra Large Pet (over 90 lbs) $625

After hours (Mon-Sat after 5pm;  all day Sunday)

Regular $600
Extra Large Pet (over 90 lbs) $750


Basic cremation is provided for no charge with our Compassionate Home Euthanasia. We provide loving and respectful transportation of your pet’s remains to the crematory and they will be scattered in Kaneohe Bay.

If you would like to keep your pet’s ashes, we can save and hand deliver them to you for an additional $250. Ashes are returned in an elegant wooden box wrapped in a velvet bag. Custom engraved urns are also available.




If you have questions or need more aftercare options, please contact us for information.

We also offer door-to-door service for cremation only. Prices include all transportation, a clay paw print, and hand delivery of your beloved’s ashes.





As of July 2021, we have been having difficulty sourcing polymer clay due to global supply shortages. In order to ensure we have enough to give everyone their complimentary print, we temporarily need to limit each appointment to either one extra paw print (for a total of two) or one nose print and one paw print. 

Additional Paw Prints  $25
Nose Prints  $35

Receive a $5 discount per print if requested at least two hours prior to the appointment! 

Keepsake jewelry and custom engraved urns –  See our catalog for details

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