Give your best friend the dignity and comfort they deserve.

Mia in Hospice

[Dr Naun] gave sound recommendation and was sensitive to our situation. Professional as she was, she sent a report to my dog's regular vet to keep everyone in the loop that same day. I recommend Dr Naun to anyone going through what I'm experiencing as it will come to that sooner than later.

Love "Arms of Aloha" the support, information and overall caring they have for your situation with your pet is such a comfort and warmth of the heart . They have helped me to enjoy all the good days I still can embrace with my furry friend.

This was probably the hardest decision I have ever made in my life and you made it 100% better. I don't know if I could have done this without you. I definitely would not have had the peace and closure that I have.

Dr. Naun put together a pain management plan for Trinity and also recommended pet sitters for those times when we had to be away from her for longer than desired periods of time. It's very comforting to know that there is such a thing as pet hospice and I totally recommend Arms of Aloha and Dr. Naun to anyone out there whose beloved pet may need extra special care.

You have been a godsend, and I cannot tell you enough how much your visit and counsel and help have been exactly what has been needed. I know that we have the right person with us for the rest of this journey. As you can tell -- she is our child, means the world to us -- and we want to do the right thing by her. Thanks for being our partner in that.

Your care of Luci (and us) was such a comfort. I just cannot imagine how we would have made it through this if we hadn’t had you to rely on. You were remarkably responsive, understanding and compassionate while at the same time demonstrating such a high level of professionalism – and I don’t often put compassion and professionalism in the same thought . . .I also believe, as time passes, that we will remember her passing as loving and peaceful. We have you to thank for that.

Of course you want such a beloved companion to live forever, but above all, you want them to be happy. We’ll help you support their well-being for as long as possible.



We’ll come to you

Avoid stressful car rides. When you schedule a consult, our doctor comes to your home to assess your pet in their natural environment. We are such strong believers in home care, we don’t even have a clinic!

Your pet is more than a diagnosis

Together we will explore beyond the medical facts and help you address their emotional, physical, and social needs.

Be armed with knowledge

You will learn:

  • What changes to expect as the disease progresses
  • Treatment options, the pros and cons of each, and projected cost
  • How to manage symptoms
  • What to do in an emergency

Have a plan

We’ll work with you to create a customized care plan that fits your budget, priorities, and schedule.

When needed, we’ll set you up with a “crisis kit” of medications and instructions in case of sudden pain or distress.

Be confident

Know you’re doing everything possible for your companion’s comfort and happiness.

As a client, you’ll have access to:

  • After hours phone support with our doctor (as available)
  • Counseling and grief support
  • Our online learning library with exclusive content for clients
  • Tools to assess and track your pet’s ongoing quality of life
  • Regular check-ins by phone, email, or in person – whichever makes the most sense for you.



What do palliative care and hospice cost?

The total cost of care will depend on the treatment plan.

Palliative Care Consultations are $325. Consults begin with a telehealth converation, followed by an in home visit, and typically last from 2-3 hours. We can give you a better idea how long the consult will take when you schedule.

Follow-up visits are $125 and will be scheduled according to your customized care plan.




Prices effective 5/17/2020 and are subject to change. 4.712% Hawaii General Excise Tax not included.