“Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.” ― George Eliot

Here we honor the beloved animal friends that have blessed our lives. If you would like to submit a tribute, you can do so here or download a submission form and mail it to: Arms of Aloha, Attn: Editor, 970 N. Kalaheo Ave, Suite A308, Kailua, HI 96734.

Booster Sojot


A.k.a- “Boo, BooBoo, Booster Rooster”

Booster was a friend to all who crossed his path, a gentle guy who came into his family’s lives at 3 years old. He was living with a growing family who was looking for a loving forever home, Jan saw their ad on craig’s list and decided to meet him. Booster jumped right into our car and into our hearts! We were so excited! Well, everyone except Amy’s cat Blink… Blink wasn’t as excited to share HIS space, so he made sure Booster was well-aware that Amy’s room was off limits. Other than that, Blink would act like he could barely tolerate Booster. However, they were regularly caught napping together on Jan and Arthur’s bed- caught in a moment of shared rest and relaxation.

Booster’s first time at the beach was less than ideal for him as he dragged his toes in the sand to avoid going into the ocean! After a slow introduction, it became his most favorite place in the world. It got to the point where he learned the word “beach”, in an attempt to outsmart him his family would spell it out. It wasn’t long before Booster figured that out too! He even understood the difference between Arthur’s swim shorts and regular shorts and beach towel versus bath towels. He’d follow whomever he thought would get in the car first (with him!). During his time in the ocean, he loved chasing crabs and flopping on his back with all fours in the air wiggling in excitement. Booster loved being held in the ocean like a baby! When he got too big (and HEAVY), his family set him up on floating noodles and he’d cruise in the water while watching his people. When his family started packing up to head home, he couldn’t bear the goodbye. He figured if he went into the ocean and stared at the horizon long enough, they’d change their minds and decide to stay forever.

Though Booster was smart and got an A+ in Dog Training school, he wasn’t interested in learning tricks other than turning in a circle before heading into the water. He would only roll over for our granddaughter Kona, after she spent a long time working with him! Booster loved ALL food! Especially dog ice cream or any special treats like the “pup-a-cinos” Matthew got him after time spent at the beach. He had a nose for bacon and could hear the second a package of cheese was being opened!

Booster was silly, loving, intelligent, loyal, sensitive and will forever be missed by his family. Especially Arthur, Jan, their children and grandchildren.


Kona Arke

April 1, 2008- August 30, 2021

A.k.a- “Kona Girl, Baby Kona, Old Lady, Haole Girl, Kones, Connor”

Kona came into her family’s lives at just eight weeks old, uncle Dean’s dog had a litter of puppies and after some convincing Dad decided to bring home a special box. Inside of this box laying on a pillow was a bright blue eyed, tiny blonde puppy! Their family was taken by surprise but everyone was in love, especially their 6 year old daughter who had always wanted one.

In her early years, Kona was a rascal! She would be on high alert waiting for even the slightest crack in the front door to dart out as quickly as she could, engaging her family in a 20-minute game of tag that she’d always win until she was ready for a drink of water or a little rest. Kona made the most of her toys, even the toughest wouldn’t last more than a few days in her house. She loved to rough house with her people too! Playing hide and seek, zooming up and down the stairs, wrestling around and occasionally leaving her family with a few love scratches that were all made in good fun.

Among her favorite tricks, Kona was very familiar with handshakes. No matter the question or command, she would offer a handshake and hope that’s what you were going for! Kona knew the power of her cuteness. She loved eating human food, especially meat so when her family was enjoying dinner- she knew where to sit and who to stare at in hopes that someone would cave in and share a piece.

She loved being at the beach where she could run and play for hours, coming home with the sweetest tired face ready to get some good peaceful rest. Kona was an amazing and memorable part of the Smith-Arke family, and their days and lives were made richer by having her to greet them at the start and end of each day. She is deeply missed, and forever loved by her Mom, Dad, sister Kehau, friends Hunter and Jessica, bestest friend Keanu, as well as her furfriends Kaia and Kalea.

Dexter Henderson

Our Precious & Beautiful Dexter (aka: TT, Titi Dexter, Dexterina, monster, muñequin chin chin)
Came and exited our lives with the same gentle spirit & regal personality

August 21, 2015- September 9, 2021

Dexter loved being in the outdoors where she hunted geckos & sun bathed; she would run back to the house when called “TT”, and had an obsession with being brushed that always made us laugh…whenever she saw the brush, she dropped anything she was doing for a nice brushing.
She had been a stray in her previous life before she stole our hearts in 2015 & domesticated herself nicely to the indoor-outdoor pet life. We named her Dexter, not knowing she was a girl…the name stuck & we kept it even after finding out her gender. To say Dexter will be missed is an understatement…our dear and sweet TT Dexter was the best kitty and she will always be with us in loving memory.
We feel honored that you choose us to be your humans….thank you for all your love.

Love you Dexty,

“time to fly”
mom & dad Valerie & Shaun, and her “abuellita” Lizbeth.

Primo Yokotake

A.k.a- “Preems, PrimPrim”

December 1, 2009- August 30, 2021

The Yokotake family found Primo in a Craigslist ad back in 2012. Their last dog, Dusty, had passed just 2 weeks prior and their house felt quiet and sad after having had dogs brighten it for the past 16 years. They lucked out in finding Primo almost as much as he lucked out in finding him. The family met his previous owner in the park that same day and took Primo straight home with them. He was just what they needed and he became a valuable and loving member of the Yokotake family from that day forward. 

Primo acted like a gentleman (who was always down for a cuddle) throughout his years. He did not show the typical “dog behaviors” like shredding shoes, getting into the trash and getting nasty in the yard. He developed a wonderful bond with his humans, especially his dad Glenn, and while he was always down to tussle with his doggy brothers and friends, he also enjoyed meeting every human he could find and sharing his doggy smile and love. 

Primo always had one ear listening for that tell-tale rustle of plastic bags in the kitchen. He was hoping especially for his favorites: bagels, sweet bread and yogurt but would also settle for chicken and steak, in a pinch. One of his most impressive skills was always picking the blue toy out of every bunch. He had a cuddle toy- a blue elephant, a favorite water toy- his orange Kong Wubba, and  favorite yard toy- red and yellow soft tennis balls that he would frequently shred to pieces. He was also particularly skilled in catch and tearing sheets, though the latter was never quite as appreciated as he might have hoped. Primo also learned to surf, he swam out to Glenn one day during a surf session and rode the waves with him since that first try.


Primo leaves Glenn, Dayle, Dylan, Chase and doggie brother Kela on this side of the rainbow bridge. They especially miss his infamous cuddles and he will always be close to their hearts.

Element Eskaran

2005- 2018 

a.k.a “Ellie”

Element was brought home to be a “guard” dog after a home invasion, but he turned out to be a guardian angel to his mom from the day they laid eyes on each other. Element was a friend to all who knew him! He was one of those dogs that could change one’s fearful perception of dogs with his loving demeanor. Ellie loved cuddles and would even allow kids to use him as their pillow. He was the best sport, especially when he was getting eyebrows drawn on him after flicking his mom’s arm while she was painting. He was also a goofball at times! Digging up snotty tissues from the trash was a hobby, and he was familiar with the word “bocha” meaning bath. Bocha was also his disciplinary word! It was all that he needed to hear to find a good hiding spot. During some of life’s big moves, Element was his family’s rock. He kept a good attitude and made sure they were never short on love or affection. Though he is at the rainbow bridge with his health restored, gallivanting in forever love and has been for some time – Element is now a big brother who is watching down proudly over his little sister. Kamele and Maika feel beyond grateful to have had such an incredible best friend for 12 years, by their side he will always be. He is so treasured and so missed by all who knew him, especially his mommies Kamele, Maika, and his brother Boston.  

“WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, ELEMENT!” – Kamele and Maika 

Merlin Perez

a.k.a “Merly, Angel Pie, Neko Chan, Pinche Gato”

2006- 2021

Merlin got his name because he was a tiny black kitty who seemed to have cast a spell on his new mama. Little did she know, the real magic was in the 16 years of companionship that he would provide her.  Merly, Angel Pie, Neko Chan, Pinche Gato – Merlin had many nicknames and wore many hats. A fur baby and a friend, Merlin would prove to be a warm shoulder to lean on and a solace during times of adversity. When he first came into his mama’s life, he would visit one of her patients who had to surrender their cat upon being admitted to the nursing home she worked for. Merlin was staying with family when his mom spent some time deployed in Afghanistan, she came home to a huge leaping hug from her sweet boy. During times of unimaginable circumstances Merlin was a constant. His lovable side was accompanied by a silly streak! Playing hide and seek or stalking you behind a door. He once even got tapped by a celebratory champagne cork! His mom made sure to point it away from him and at the last minute he jumped up getting tapped by the cork on his behind! He was also notorious for stealing his grandma’s bathmat suction fish and piling them downstairs by the door. Merlin loved his catnip stuffed toys, cheesecake batter, and Temptation’s cat treats! This well-traveled, amazing kitty had been by his mom’s side through the beginning stages of some of life’s biggest events. Stephanie is both grateful for Merlin, and to him. He is so wonderfully remembered by all – especially Stephanie, Chris, Theo, Samantha, his grandparents, and dog sister Lana.  


Banjo Cope

a.k.a. “Bunny”

March 26, 2013- June 7, 2021

Banjo was the member of the Cope family who kept them on their toes! He got his name from the way his big ears would flop around as he ran, similarly to the way a banjo is played. Banjo was an intelligent guy with personality for days, his challenging and complicated traits paled in comparison to the joy and laughter he brought to his family. He was best known for his Superman dive, beginning in a giant leap with his arms and legs stretched far out and ending in an epic belly flop! Banjo couldn’t get enough of his boys, tennis balls, the ocean, beach and nature days, toys that squeak, lizards, and Runt the chihuahua. He is so missed and will forever be loved and cherished by his family and friends.

“We love you Bunny. Forever & ever -Dad, Mumma, Kika, Kellan, Siggy, NiNi” 


Chiko Sakata

January 3, 2003- May 15, 2021

While flipping through the local newspaper, Steph’s mom found an adorable Maltese/Shih tzu for sale. Their family instantly fell in love upon their first introduction. They wanted a Japanese name and decided on Chiko which translates to rascal, Chiko made sure to live up to his name! He was a lover when it came to his family, and a fighter when it came to his health. He loved going to the beach, hanging out with papa, and keeping daddy company while mommy was away for work. Steak and bones were on the top of his preferred meal list, and he gave himself a nice backrub on the carpet after he ate! He had many toys, and to show how much he appreciated them he would be sure to remove every single one from his crate leaving a huge mess for mom when she came home from trips! Chiko is loved and missed by all – especially Steph, Conrad, Karen, Stacy, Dustin, Maiya, Mochi, Peter, Sandy, & Nicki. 

Wringo Kane

a.k.a. “Bubba”
May 22, 2007- March 17, 2021

Wringo was a promised gift and came into the Kane family at just 6 weeks old. Lilybeth decided to name him after Ringo Star, but his adorable head wrinkles gave him the added “W”! As a puppy, Wringo, also known as Bubba and Old Boy – wouldn’t bark, but instead made funny cat noises. He was pretty shy at first, but it wasn’t long before he accepted his new family and a family member was exactly what he became. Wringo loved to open his gifts on Christmas! As a puppy he loved chasing leaves, playing fetch with the wind gusts. He was Lilia’s shadow, especially during her meal time but some of his personal favorites were Kalua pig, roasted chicken, peanut butter, cheese, yogurt, and cookies! Yum! He was a silly boy who would pop bubbles and eat rocks, but in his older age he appreciated his view of the neighborhood and would relax by the front door. He loved to give hugs! Especially group ones, making sure to get in between mom and dad when they went in for an embrace! Wringo was a strong guy who impressed everyone with his strength after becoming ill with tumors and given caution to what signs to look for as far as quality of life. He survived for another 3 years! Lilybeth, Lilia, Jim and Jorge think back on the amazing 14 years they had with Wringo and are filled with gratitude. Bubba remains so loved, and so missed.

Koko’olua Dowson

a.k.a. “Koko”
May 18, 2011- April 13, 2021

Koko’olua, meaning “companion” was just that to her mama, papa, and adopted sister Liliko’i. Koko was adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society in 2017 along with her sister Lili after their family lost their kitty and felt things were getting a little quiet around the house. She was affectionate and playful, offering TLC while always keeping her family on their toes with her playful antics! Koko loved to sneak into her kitty tunnels and ambush Lili as she walked by. There were even moments that she was found cleaning and licking her sister, but almost always followed by a bop on the head and fleeing the scene!

During quarantine, Koko found herself enjoying watching nature shows and keeping her mama company while she completed puzzles. One of Koko’s favorite toys were her parent’s foam ear plugs, if you were to toss one up, she would catch it mid-air. She even knew where to find them in mom’s nightstand for easy access – mom needed those! Koko’s family Gail, Gaylord, and Liliko’i miss her dearly and are grateful for all the cuddles, laughs, and memories.

Rocco Knowlton

a.k.a. “Big Toc, Rocco Taco, The Big Dog”
April 21, 2010- April 26, 2021

Despite having the cutest face ever, Rocco had quite the little attitude! His parents report that he liked to “talk trash”, talking back to his mom when she told him it wasn’t meal time and talking trash to his dad while he was working out.

His favorite foods were… foods that his family was eating (and ice cubes)! He would wait at his victim’s feet and wait for a bite using that big ol’ sweet face to his advantage. He was always ready to give a high five or play fetch with his football and he was especially great at convincing his parents to lather his bald spot with some sunscreen and head out to the beach. 

Rocco will be forever loved and missed by his Dad, his Mama and Missa, his doggie sister. They will especially miss his frequent cuddles and his epic couch napping abilities. Rest with love sweet Rocco <3.

JJ Roscoe

a.k.a. “Big Buddy” 

JJ was adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society in 2005 and he quickly charmed  his new family with his unique and charming personality. He sometimes acted more like a dog than a kitty, mingling with humans during parties without fear. In his later years he also took on an endearing grumpy old man persona. He would grunt and pace when hungry or meow in a cranky way just to make sure everyone knew what kind of mood he was in.

He had a sweetheart side as well though. When his sister Lucy was adopted he tried to put up a rough front but couldn’t quite keep it up and soon became best buds with the little Calico kitten. She latched onto him (literally) from that day on, he even let her attempt to nurse on him, despite being a macho guy cat (don’t worry JJ, your secret’s safe with us). He just seemed to sense that she needed that comfort and from then on they slept cuddled together like the best of friends.

JJ’s favorite foods were ALL foods. He loved chasing a cat treat across the floor and especially enjoyed the occasional Nacho Cheese Dorito (Lucy preferred ranch). When he was younger he could even be persuaded to stand up on his hind legs and “box”. Occasionally he would play fetch, bringing back a toy mouse to the thrower’s feet.

JJ will be missed by many but most especially by Chris and Lucy, his best buds.

Caliber Turner 

a.k.a. “Big Girl, Big C, Angel Baby” July 7, 2008- March 27, 2021

Caliber was adopted by her family from an animal shelter at just five weeks old, after the mother was unable to continue caring for the litter. A timid and shy pup, her ironic shelter name stuck. When she arrived at her new home she was just a tiny ball of fur, with barely a snout, just a little round face. She loved to curl up on a slipper to sleep, a habit that stuck even to the end. She was often found asleep with her head on a slipper or sandal.

Behind her sweet face, Caliber had a mischievous and intelligent mind.  While potty training, she learned that going outside earned her a treat, so she quickly began going to the door and fake squatting in the yard to get her treat. She was also an accomplished popcorn thief, trotting into the kitchen if she heard the microwave popping and expertly sneaking a piece or two. She loved snuggling with her people and would come running if someone got out a blanket.

Caliber was a frequent flier and wonderful companion, accompanying her family to Germany, Korea, and Hawaii, in addition to states on the mainland. She was an expert explorer, and took her time meandering on walks, sniffing everything and taking in the scenery. Whether trotting through the woods, surveying rice paddy fields, or smelling the gardens in the countryside, she was happy to remind her people to slow down and enjoy the surroundings. Her presence will be greatly missed on the next adventure. She was deeply loved and will be missed by many, most of all by Rachel, Jeff and her sister Kevlar.

Ginger Kinsler

a.k.a. “Lil G”  October 16, 2016- February 9, 2021

Ginger came to her family at 6 months old. She was truly meant to be with her family because when they went to the breeders to find an Australian Shepherd puppy, Ginger was the only dog left! 

Call it fate, call it luck she became a very beloved member of her family. She was always the sweetest little rascal. She would steal butter right off the counter and would “borrow” whole bags of chips to take outside, for “investigative purposes”. She also loved diced chicken and pistachio shells if the bird dropped them for her. Ginger would jump over the end of her parent’s bed just to be with them and to watch the world through the window. She was a gentle and sweet soul who enjoyed being pet and playing ball and going for walks. She was a particular terror to the cats of the neighborhood but she was a terror with a very sweet face!

Ginger left us too soon, she will be remembered and loved by JC, Liz, Joe, Jessie and Grandma who hope she has found peace over the rainbow bridge.

Kayla Dettloff

July 19, 2012- February 18, 2021

Kayla was the second golden to come into the Dettloff family. She was loved by everyone she met, even her kitty siblings (gasp!). She was smart and beautiful and kind and even with all of the trophies and ribbons she earned, her family treasured her sweet smile above all and wanted nothing more than to share in her abundance of happiness. She was a prolific food thief, known for stealing food right out from under someone and leaving not even a crumb! Her favorite treats were french fries and of course, the forbidden fruit, cat food. She would carry a stuffed animal around in her mouth and knew how to get the newspaper in the morning. Her many accomplishments include “Best Trick” at Art’s Obedience class and “Most photogenic” at Poi Dogs West Oahu Pet Walk.

 Kayla shared her love without discernment, her 2 mommies and her kitty friends will miss her dearly as well as Elijah and Ariah.

Raider Dulay

a.k.a. “Puppy, Big Boy November 9, 2012- December 28, 2020

Raider was truly an important part of his family. The moment they met him, his family knew that he belonged with them and Raider knew it too. He was loving, kind, gentle, funny and so handsome. His black eye patch inspired the name Raider because of the similarity to the mascot for the Oakland Raiders football team.

 Raider would always steal his papa’s recliner. If someone was already sitting on it, he’d stare them down until they got off of it, and if they didn’t, he would bully his way onto it, forcing them to move or have to share it with him. Raider loved resting his head on his papa’s shoulder or chest. He always needed to be touching someone when sleeping at night and would make his papa and mama sleep in the most awkward positions because he most definitely didn’t want to sleep on his own bed!

Any food that his family ate also became his favorite food because it just wasn’t possible to say no to his cute face. Anyone that attempted to say no would find his head resting on their knee and a great big slobber spot. He would go around and do this to every single person until he got food from everyone. Raider loved car rides, and he loved especially to look at the other dogs he passed though he never seemed to be able to summon the courage to stick his head all the way out the window. His favorite toy was anything squeaky. As long as the toy made some kind of noise, he would go crazy for it and break it within 10 seconds every time. He simply wouldn’t take a bath without a squeaky toy and would run across the house, all soapy and wet, if he didn’t have one.

Raider was a best friend and he was family. He put a smile on the faces of everyone he met. He will be missed dearly by many, but most especially by his papa (aka his best friend), his mama, Tristen, Joshua and his girlfriend Oohlala (a pink poodle).His family is forever grateful that he filled their lives with such love and will remember and miss him until they meet him again over the Rainbow Bridge.

Portia Dotson

September 9, 2009- December 5, 2020

Portia was a distinguished and beautiful Newfoundland who captured the hearts of her family from the moment they saw her. She was courageous, reserved, dutiful and a complete diva! She completed her Canine Good Citizen test, participated in various Oahu dog shows and was an ambassador for the Oahu Newfoundland Club of HI. She captivated those she met and then won them over with her gentle spirit and kind demeanor. She was photogenic and yet her favorite activity was laying around the house with her beloved Ohana, preferably with a milk bone. She was preceded by her brother Romulus but her remaining family are forever grateful to have had her in their lives and know they will see her again at the rainbow bridge someday.

Piper Marion

a.k.a.”Pipe Pipe, Puppy, Bear Face,” October 15, 2002- February 23, 2020

Piper was a beloved member of her family and shared her enthusiasm and zest for life with everyone she met. She gave so much love and devotion to her family and endeared many with her energy and sweet personality. 

 One of her favorite activities was Hide & seek. She would run around the house until she could find everyone and reward them with doggie love upon finding them. Her favorite snacks included bacon, peanut butter, steak and (most importantly!) string cheese. She would come running at the sound of a string cheese wrapper in anticipation of a yummy string of cheese. Her other loves were tug-of-war, tag and her stuffed bear and piggy. She would greet her people at the door with a great wiggling butt. Her enthusiasm carried through her whole body to show her happiness that someone had arrived.

Piper will live on forever in the heart’s of her family. She was a loyal friend, protector, snuggle partner, world traveler, road trip buddy and an awesome alarm clock! Her beautiful nature and gentle and loving ways will be remembered and missed by many but especially her mom, dad and two brothers who will never forget the love she gave them.

Baby Girl

a.k.a. “Baby monkey, Baby Lynn”  July 4, 2001 – February 26, 2020

Baby Girl was an important part of her family from the day she was found, abandoned on the side of a deserted road. She shared her feline grace and abundant love with her parents and litter-mates, Tiger and Precious.

Her favorite place was curled up next to or on top of her mom, who she considered to be her “person”. In fact, 17 years after being taken in by her new family,  she surprised her parents by finally warming up to her dad and this was only because she was on a new medication!

Baby Girl always made sure that whatever you were doing, you knew that loving her should definitely be priority, as is the kitty way. Her tastes include fresh fish, chicken and kalibi as well as an affinity for hummus and avocado.

Her endless love will be continually missed and cherished by her forever family.

Laura Curtis 03/11/20

Amber Crown


Amber was adopted into her family two weeks after her parents, Jen and Tom, were married. For her dad, it was love at first sight. In the car ride home, she was named Amber after the color of her beautiful chocolate fur and it wasn’t long until she had completely captured the hearts of her parents and was settled in with her new family.

Her parents were hunting dogs and she was a hunter. Although she was never taken hunting she enjoyed making sure that everything in her backyard knew who was boss. She chased after and caught many squirrels, birds, possums and even a skunk. If you landed in her yard, you didn’t stand a chance against her speed. She would howl at every fire truck that went by. She loved to be in your space, didn’t like to be left out and was always sure she knew where her parents were.

Amber was a talented and quick learner. She could, sit, stay, lay, howl and roll over and she had an affinity for peanut butter and hot dogs. Her specialty was in the game find. If her parents put a hot dog in her yard, she would hunt it down and find it everytime. She loved car rides, playing with other dogs and just being near anyone. If she was near people having a conversation, she would look back and forth like she was listening, almost as if she could understand English. In 13 years, she only met 1 person she didn’t like and she considered it her duty to convey her love to everyone she came across with unending licks.

Amber spread her love (and licks) with no hesitation and her devoted and caring spirit will be greatly missed by everyone who was touched by her love.

Jen and Tom Crown, 01/05/20

Mercury Collins-Burns


14 years and roughly 5600 miles ago a tiny silver kitten was rescued from his home beneath a dunkin doughnuts. No living creature should have to survive on dunkin doughnuts jersey garbage water so Brandon and Levi  knew then he was meant to come home with them, if only so they could introduce him to some proper coffee.

Thus Mercury came to the growing family. He and his sister Zeus succeeded in capturing the hearts of Brandon and Levi most completely.  Mercury was absolutely true to his name in so many ways. Mercury in Roman mythology was the Herald of the gods and a trickster and when he showed up it generally meant something was about to go down. 

The day that Mercury passed Brandon decided to look up the position of Mercury in the sky in the south pacific over Hawaii. Mercury was set to rise at 5:46 am, almost the exact time Mercury had woken them up for 14 years every morning to let them know that breakfast time was in an hour and 15 minutes. Brandon looked up into the sky at 5:46 am and found that the celestial bodies where mercury is were a little dimmer than normal… or wait were they brighter now? Perhaps Mercury is still up there playing tricks.


And so the little tyger who burned so bright is wandering through the forests of the night. 


Mercury can now be found chasing shooting stars across the night sky just like he chased lizards across his lanai on earth. He will forever be remembered by those who love him and Brandon knows they will one day be reunited to play fetch with his mouse.

Brandon Burns, 12/7/19

Zeus Xanadu Collins-Burns

(Queen of thunder and lightning, Duchess of shade, Princess of Jersey and Sovereign of the Most Noble Order of No- Shenanigans)


Zeus was a strange cat that came to Brandon and Levi under stranger circumstance. She was scrawny and black with a massive head that was matched only by her diva sensibilities.While her name started as a joke due to her white beard and mustache blending into a lightning bolt on her belly, it was also eerily appropriate. She quickly made it known that her owners were actually her loyal subjects. 

This was not a cat that would hunt; for you obviously would hunt for her if needs be. This was not a cat who would jump higher than a couch or bed; as you would obviously provide stairs or a ladder if you really wanted her to go somewhere. This was not a cat who liked milk or meat or fish; for she liked only 2 premium snacks – nacho cheese doritos or salted peanuts. This was not a cat who would ride in some pedestrian box while in the car, as she was being driven and would need to ride in the passenger seat, irregardless of human passengers. This was not a cat who would come and sit on your lap out of want for attention; for she was on your lap because you were in her spot. This was not a cat that was overly affectionate; she knew your heart belonged to her. She was just waiting until you realized..

She was many, many things, the least of which a cat. Her last year was fittingly just as unconventional, difficult and interesting as her first. The unexpected loss of her brother Mercury earlier this year was tragic for the whole family and Zeus in particular. Her mild senility would become full on dementia with blindness and hearing loss. While it was frustrating and incredibly sad to experience, there were undoubtedly some profound revelations, meditations, and lessons earned. Near the end she spent a good amount of time rediscovering things as if she were a kitten again, an unexpectedly poignant and beautiful meditation on the circle of life.


Zeus can now be found above, waiting on Neptune for the planned rendezvous with her brother and beloved servants, Brandon and Levi. Only 6 lbs of matter is physically not here, but the density and gravity of her absence is akin to a neutron star (think just shy of a black hole) in her family. She of course still has her on eye on the happenings below and will always keep her family honest and in line

-Brandon Burns, 12/7/19


Lana Nishii


When Lana was a puppy she pulled out her family’s hedgeliner in one day. A real feat in tenacity since it took them about five days to put it in. Lana chewed all the tops of the hoses off, chewed up all the rubber slippers and salivated and danced on her two front paws in anticipation of a tasty snack.

In spite of her puppy antics, Lana truly gave meaning to the phrase “Dog is  Man’s best friend”, or in this case, woman’s. Her forever friend, Teri, recalls an incident that occurred after she had had rotator cuff surgery and had an arm in a sling. Lana was with her and off leash in the park because no one was around when Teri noticed a man a man appear out of nowhere. It was the first time Teri had ever seen Lana circle a man. She crouched low and growled, haunches up, ready to attack. Teri remembers being surprised because Lana was usually very mild mannered and was fine off leash at Kailua beach and at dog parks. Lana knew that Teri was injured and couldn’t protect herself and she assumed duty as Teri’s most valiant protector.

After that incident, Teri always felt peaceful going hiking and  fishing before dawn or at night on desolate beaches because she knew Lana would be there to protect her. Teri always knew that Lana had her back and Lana could always count on Teri whenever she was frightened.

 Lana’s family will forever thank her for her love and devotion.

-Teri Nishii, 12/2/2019

Mya (Bear) Curtis

July 2009 – June 2019

Mya loved her family very much. She was adopted from a small rescue in Tennessee when Anna was in college and wanted a pitbull. It was love at first sight – and Anna decided she deserved a more beautiful name than the one the rescue gave her, so she named her Mya. Five years later they met DeMont and he joined their little family. 

Mya hated walking on metal and would even jump over manholes on her walks. She loved sticking her head out of the window of her car, which would make her sneeze, and going to the beach to chase sticks and play in the water. Popcorn and peanut butter (she had her own jar in the fridge) were her favorite treats. She was an incredibly sweet dog, and Anna and DeMont had to train her to bark and growl when they said “What was that” so that she would scare off bad guys!

Bear was always there to provide her family with unconditional love, teaching them patience, compassion, and loyalty. She will never be forgotten and will be dearly missed.

Anna and DeMont Curtis, 6/14/2019.


Juneau Lang

April 17, 2007 – May 25, 2019

Juneau joined his family when they were stationed in Washington state. He was named after the Alaskan city which seemed like a good fit because as a white German Shepherd, his looks reminded his family of white snowy landscapes. At first, he wasn’t allowed on the furniture. However, when he was about two years old, he was caught on the bed in the guest room and looked so sweet they pretty much caved after that. From then on, he was allowed to be on the bed to cuddle — as much as you can with a dog weighing 90 lbs!

When Juneau was young, he could run like a cheetah, easily covering a mile in just two or three minutes if you let him. Once, while on a walk, he managed somehow to get away and take off, chasing a bird across a park the size of a football field as it flew away from him. Another time, while Christine was rollerblading with him, he chased a squirrel across a lawn and pulled Christine smack into a tree.

He loved balls and squeaky toys, but he didn’t like to share at all, stealing the other dogs’ toys, putting them on his bed, and growling if they complained. Hot dogs, roasted chicken, and dingoes were his favorite foods. He loved to go on walks and hikes, most recently on the Tripler Ridge trail, where he loved to sniff at everything along the way.

He was the best guard dog, watching the street in front of the house from the second story window where he had the best view. He would bark and scratch at the window whenever he saw people or animals outside. One time the window was open and he managed to push out the window screen, getting onto the roof and running back and forth along the roof barking at people until he was pulled back inside. Although some of the neighbors’ houses had been broken into, not once was Juneau’s house targeted. 

He is survived by his caregivers Christine & Mark; Ed & Sue (friends who took care of Juneau in North Carolina for 9 months during a deployment) and dogs Jasmine and Makai. He is preceded in death by dogs Sitka and Sasha. 

Juneau was a good boy. Although he had his challenges (he was extremely protective and not well socialized), he was one of the best dogs his family ever had. They love and miss him!

Christine Lang, 5/29/19.

Tama Apao

June 23, 2008 – May 13, 2019

Tama was a Husky/Malamute mix given his name after the American Indian word for thunder – it also happens to be the name of a drum maker so his mommy Ashley, who plays drums, thought that it was perfect. He loved his grandma and grandpa and would howl for Grams almost on command. He also loved snuggling with Ashley on cold mornings, playing with tennis balls, playing fetch, and playing hide and seek. Every Christmas he would manage to knock over the tree by accident! 

Tama was loved by many – he leaves behind a large family of not just people, but many four-legged brothers and sisters. He will be very much missed. 

Ashley Apao, 5/24/2019.

Frasier Weida

January 22, 2002 – April 23, 2019

Frasier was 8 weeks old when he entered Tanya’s life in her 2nd year of college. He spent 3 years with her until she graduated, then later joined her when she moved permanently to Hawaii. The Hawaiian sun definitely treated him well for the rest of his life. Frasier loved chasing geckos, going on hikes, laying in the sun, and having his belly rubbed. He would chase Paka, a roommate’s cat and the two of them would cuddle and lounge on the futon or lay in the sun next to each other.

Frasier could flip a treat up off his nose and catch it in the air. He would do a funny tap dance with his front paws when he saw his leash was taken off the hook or if the word “walk” or “run” was mentioned. His ears would perk up and he would come jumping to you. On walks or runs, he would literally pee and lift leg on every corner even if nothing came out. He still loved to go on walks in the wagon when his back legs didn’t work too well.

Frasier had the sweetest temperament with his human siblings, Noah and Sadie. He would snuggle with them all the time and when Tanya would change diapers, he would lay on his back with legs in the air.  

Frasier leaves behind his Mommy and Daddy (Tanya and Jerrod), brother and sister (Noah & Sadie), Nana & Poppy; many former roommates and friends that would doggy-sit at the house when the family traveled to Pennsylvania during Christmas; fur-friends Cooper, Quincy, Norma Jean, Marley, and Paka; and his Godmother Amy who found him when he was dog-knapped for two days. He joins a few other furry friends at the Rainbow Bridge: Quincy, Cooper, Norma Jean, and Marley.

Tanya Weida, 5/17/2019.

Flash Kam

January 19, 2003 – February 26, 2019

Flash came to join Liz and Kiku’s family through sheer determination. He came to their house and started calling at the window to be let in, sticking it out through 40 days of wind and rain! Eventually he prevailed and became an “indoor cat.” They decided to name him “Flash” because he moved so quickly, running off to play and then popping back up suddenly to get cuddles. He loved to give kisses and snuggle, eating salmon, playing with his toys Mousey and Stringy, and playing chase and hide-n-seek. He was very much loved and is deeply missed. 

Liz Kam, 3/19. 

Fredrick Douglas Anspach

a.k.a. “Freddie Pie, FDA”  August 2001 to October 24, 2018

Fred’s owner, Jill, got him when he was just a few weeks old. Jill was 20 years old and in college, and it was her first time living alone. She decided to get a furry companion to help ease her anxiety about being alone at night. She responded to an ad for free kittens and never found the correct address – however, when a neighbor came out to offer help, it turned out they had free kittens, too. And so it was meant to be.

Jill knew she wanted to name him a one syllable “human” name. When she came up with Fred, her brother said she should add “Douglas” on the end, after the slavery abolitionist and author. Fred was always by her side as she graduated and started her career that allowed her to travel to multiple states. It was in Hawaii, about 5 years ago, that Jill and Fred met Tai. After Tai and Jill got engaged, someone asked Jill when did she know Tai was “the one”. Jill responded with, “When I saw how loving and caring Tai was for Fred, especially as in the beginning Fred was very protective and would often bite Tai’s feet. But soon Tai and Fred became best buddies. I think that is when I realized Tai was ‘the one’.”

Fred was lucky to have so many loving people in his life, but especially Jill, Tai, Takako, and Takako’s cat Hana.

Tai was… allergic to cats but loved Fred. Fred’s favorite place to take a nap, no matter what they did to try to prevent it, was right on Tai’s pillow often making sure that he was planted there whenever Tai might want to jump into bed. Fred is also slightly famous as Tai owns a printing company and pictures of Fred standing on a rainbow and wearing a unicorn horn have been printed on everything from pillows to sticker to t-shirts that have literally been worn around the world (by Tai and Jill’s friends).

Fred would always come to Jill whenever she called his name and seemed to know exactly how she was feeling, comforting her when she was sad and always being there for her when she needed him. Sometimes, during dinner when Tai and Jill were eating their meal at the table, Fred liked to jump up on Jill’s lap and then perch himself up on her shoulder so he could look out of the big window to the neighborhood below. In the mornings Fred would often be Tai’s alarm clock by sitting on the bed looking down at Tai and making noises like a pigeon until Tai would wake up.

It’s been a very difficult adjustment saying goodbye to Freddy. He’s been Jill’s best friend for 17 years, always by her side, partners in crime. “Home” was wherever Fred was at. She and Tai will never forget him and will love him always.

Jill and Tai, 10/29/18


a.k.a “Chocolate Thunder, Little Girl, My Little Nugget” April 30, 2015 to September 4, 2018

Sadie was a sweet Shorty Bull survived by Roberta, Scott, Sue, Taz, Mojo, Kaji, Django, and Cha-Cha. She was so pretty, smiled a lot, and wiggled her whole body (throwing back her head to do a short “woooo”) when she greeted her family that they wanted to give her a cute “little girl story book” name, and so they chose Sadie.

She would try to copy the other dogs by sitting up on her haunches, but because she was a bit on the chubby side, she would sometimes fall over. Sadie loved all kinds of food and even linked chewing on the chunky end of a head of Romaine lettuce. She also loved small, soft toys; chasing the laser light; going after birds, and having her belly rubbed and head scratched.

Sadie’s sweet spirit and big smile truly brought out the best in everyone. She is missed so much.

Roberta, 10/23/18

Abrams “Abe” Spangler

Abe brought everyone he met joy and happiness. A true gentle giant in so many ways, Abe had the most loving character you could ever imagine. He will always be remembered for sneaking naps on the couch and sandwiches off the counter. Whenever we would return home, we would hear a loud thud as he jumped off a bed. He’d give us a look to say “I wasn’t on your bed”, but the evidence of blankets in heaps and slobbery pillows would suggest otherwise.

Abe was born in Washington state and had the chance to live there along with Alaska and Hawaii. He was happy anywhere he went as long as we were all together. Abe will be missed by his family and so many that grew to love him. We say farewell till we meet again buddy.

Jefery Spangler, 10/8/18



2003 to 2018

Saying goodbye to Munchkin was one of the most difficult things that I’ve experienced in my lifetime. She was my best friend. This Scottish Fold beauty, who behaved more like a dog than a cat, came into our lives and it was love at first sight.

My son was in second grade at the time and really wanted a pet cat. We looked for kittens for quite some time and then Munchkin turned up at a co-workers house and was brought to the Humane Society and held for a week. Nobody claimed her so we went and signed the adoption papers without seeing her first. She definitely found us.

Munchkin brought so much joy into our lives. No matter what we were doing, she was involved. If my son was doing homework, she would sit on his papers and she would always join in when we were playing a good game of checkers or chess. She loved being around us as much as we enjoyed her company.

Munchkin even decided to jump into my relaxing lavender bath, which didn’t last long once she dove into the water. This happened not once, but twice! She didn’t like to feel left out.

If we were not feeling well, she would always come to snuggle and provide comfort. This was true even in my last hours with her. She was still providing that unconditional love.

Munchkin loved taking a drive in the car. She would sit on the car seat and relax or put her paws on the window and take in her surroundings. And although she was a house kitty, she had to have her daily dose of sunshine where she would lounge on the porch or a grassy area in our yard.

She was a vocal kitty and always “talking” to us. She’d greet me at the door when I got home and expected some treats and snuggles.

I miss Munchkin’s exuberant, fun and silly personality. I miss her constant need to be involved and of course, her warm and comforting snuggles.

Nancy, 7/10/2018.


In Memory of Pikake

March 14, 2005 – May 8, 2018

Pikake joined her family when Sherisee and her grandma saw a sign advertising puppies for sale at the mall. She took to Sherisse instantly and showered her with kisses – which is how she would always greet her when she came home. Sherisee knew right at that moment that they should be together.

Named Pikake after their favorite flower, she had many outdoor adventures with her family, including surfing, hiking, going to the beach, camping, and traveling. She went to the grocery store all the time and loved playing with her tennis ball – she would even play “fetch” with herself by hitting the ball with her nose! Her favorite food was white chicken. She would heel without a leash and could play dead and roll over, and over, and over. She was the boss of the other two dogs in her family, and always slept by Sherisse’s head on her pillow. She snored like a human and would sometimes lay on her back with all four legs sticking up.

Pikake is survived by her caregivers Sherisse and Kimberly Meyerowitz and their three children Isaac, Joshua, and Angel. She was truly special to her family, and they are comforted by knowing they will be reunited with her someday.

Sherisse Meyerowitz, 5/21/18.


In Memory of Bella

November 1, 2002 – October 9, 2017

Bella rode in the car everywhere with me and was very popular at the Burger King drive-thru and with the plant department staff at Home Depot – Kapolei. (She was a little snooty, however, with the dogs she visited at Petco when we did a treat run.) She sat on my feet while I did paperwork, slept under our bed, and went with me to the beach every morning for coffee and breakfast. On special days, I took her to a beach where she liked to chew rocks and roll in the wet sand. She stood guard for cats in the morning and evening when I watered plants.

Bella was loved by her whole family. She is dearly missed and remembered fondly.

Connie and Mark D., 10/18/17



In Memory of Our Sweet Boy – Milikima

On July 15, 2016 we lost the love of our life and family member, our beautiful Birman cat. Age (16+ years) and failing health took him much too early for us.

Miki adopted us in October 1999, after we lost another beautiful family member Kiliki. It was not an easy transition for Sharon, since Kiliki had been predominantly her cat. But it didn’t take long before Miki began to wind his way into both our hearts and wasn’t about to let go. And, it wasn’t just us that he captured. He never met anyone that he wouldn’t rub up to and purr loudly. A little chin rub or a stroke on his white, fluffy tummy, and you were his BFF forever. When we came home Miki always met us at the door with his “where have you been” meow.

It is one of the most difficult decisions in life to recognize it is time to let go of a pet-family member, even when their quality of life is so noticeably absent and they have told you so. Trying to make the decision on your own can bring about so many emotions that can confuse and bring about uncertainty, even when you know it is the right thing to do.

We’ve shared our story with several other humans owned by pets, and it never fails to bring tears.

Sharon and John H., 9/6/16


In Memory of Vinnie

Vinnie was so fabulous looking plus had a huge personality and of course he knew it! Thus he was clearly full of himself!! He could saunter into a room of one or two guests, or people working on the house, or several people here as company or dinner guests.
He would either:

a). Give someone the stink eye ….with his mind ticking “who the hell are you and don’t even think of taking any of my rooms….they are all mine!”. Or
b). He would allow you to get closer and then he would wrap his big fluffy tail around your leg and let you know you we ok to give him love and perhaps pick him up or he lay on your lap a bit.

With me there was no end to how much love he could share and this such a gift! He would even “pet” me back with tapping his tail on my arm or wrapping it around my arm. He gave me even more these past few weeks sleeping with me all night long on top of me or next to me in whichever position I moved in the bed. He was trying to show me back how much he loved me back and wanting me be ok with letting him go. We went through this process together and he let me know the right time.

Here’s a classic Vinnie story: Whenever I came home (this with two houses) and before I got up the stairs Vinnie would be scratching and banging on the pantry door where his food was. He was so demanding……I wonder where he got this from …haha!!

Here’s another story: When I took Dante in Vinnie was seriously irate, puffed himself up like a lion, then continued to let him know who was boss for 7 years. He even stole Dante’s bed every night, yet he could have my bed at night and any others during the day. Dante was only allowed his dog bed. If I woke up in the middle of the night and saw this I would scold Vinnie off Dante’s bed. Then Dante would immediately get off the rug and reclaim his bed. One morning I woke up and saw Dante curled in a ball on the little cat bed (like he gave up on getting his own bed back) and took the picture here.

After Dante died suddenly a few years ago I couldn’t remove his bed so quickly but did at some point. For several days Vinnie slept on his own cat bed (which he never used before) and he stared at Dante’s bed as if trying to convey ..”if you come back I will be a better cat to you”. I think Vinnie “secretly’ loved Dante …he could just never “admit it” until too late.

Vinnie came home with me at three months old. He hid from Jezebel and Delilah who didn’t welcome him at first. That changed after a few months and Vinnie ruled from there and they loving him.

I have to say with all of the amazing pets I have loved and lost, Vinnie was the most difficult to let go of and my heart still hurting so much!

Vincenzio the Conqueror November 18, 1996 – July 19, 2016

That was his official name on his pedigree papers. From then on it was Vinnie. Other endearing name was Vinka.
May God bless his precious soul!

Juliana (Mama), 7/24/16


My Trinity Girl

About 11 years ago, we were so ever lucky to have inherited this 3yr old female German Shepherd. She was dropped off at the Humane Society and the papers said the owners could no longer take care of her. She was a perfect dog who became the perfect alpha to 4 other dogs, ranging from a Sheltie, 2 Chihuahuas and a Pit Bull/Sharpei mix. My friends could not believe how the dogs got along in one home, having free range in a fenced yard for sun and exercise. Trinity was diagnosed with cancer about 3yrs ago and survived the odds. She was also diagnosed with signs of arthritis in her spine and showing signs of some type of neurological condition which gradually affected her hind legs and the ability to walk normal. Trinity had acupuncture, swimming therapy, and laser from some very loving techs and vet. She was fed special home cooked meals, even chicken feet for collagen. Trinity continually kept trying to walk despite it becoming more difficult as time went on. She was your typical working dog, always wanting to please her master and always keeping a close eye on her master, me. I would have to leave my bathroom door partially open while I’m bathing so she could peek an eye and knew I was okay. She hadn’t been able to get her hind legs to walk for the past 2 weeks and had experience a severe seizure yesterday morning. I could no longer be selfish and think that someday she’ll be able to walk. I had to save her dignity as a German Shepherd. I decided weeks ago that Trinity would want to be at home when it was her time. We allowed Trinity to eat whatever she wanted to as it was now quality of life and pain management recommendations by Dr. Naun. Yesterday, after the severe seizure, we were faced with saying goodbye. I miss Trinity terribly but I’m okay knowing that she is no longer in pain. Thank you Trinity for bringing much happiness to our family and for keeping the other doggies obedient.

Love you Trinity Girl!

Carol Wong, 11/3/2015


In Memory of Trinity

We just sent our Trinity girl to heaven yesterday. Trinity was a 14 year old German Shepherd who survived Hemangiosarcoma 3 years prior and lost her ability to walk 3 weeks ago. Trinity was a fighter, but her immobility was neurologic and Trinity was no longer able to be her “working dog” self. The decision was very hard because Trinity’s disposition was still good and she seemed very alert. We have had to make this decision to let our beloved fur friends go two times prior and it never gets easy. The feelings are still the same but time truly heals. The pain eventually subsides and good memories of your loved one consume your thoughts. We still remember what a vet tech told us years ago when we had to say goodbye to Mocha and it stuck with us until today. She said, “Letting them go is the most unselfish thing you can do”. It’s hard, but it’s true. To anyone going through this, have faith in your decision.

-Jamie Kurosawa, 11/3/15