Cancellation Policy


We understand that things can change.

Up to six hours in advance: If you received a confirmation email, you may use the links from your email or confirmation page to cancel or reschedule.

Less than six hours in advance: You must call us at 808-435-3006 to cancel if it is less than six hours until the scheduled appointment time. If it is after hours, please leave a message.

Less than two hours in advance: Please call us ASAP if your plans change at the last minute. There will be a late cancellation fee of $75 charged to your account. This fee may be credited toward future services for the same pet. You may reschedule up to one more time, after which the $75 will be nonrefundable and may not be credited toward future services.


Definition of a no-show: An appointment will be considered a no-show if any of the following apply: 1)No one is at the agreed upon meeting location (e.g. your home) by ten minutes after the start of the appointment time. 2) If we arrive and are unable to gain access to the meeting location (due to security gates, for example) by ten minutes after the start of the appointment time. 3) If the animal is unavailable. 4) If a person fully authorized to make medical decisions for the pet is unavailable or otherwise occupied (e.g. we do not have your undivided attention).

In the event of a no-show: A non-refundable charge, which cannot be credited toward future services, will be applied to your account. These charges must be settled before you may reschedule. No-show fees vary depending on appointment type and time scheduled:

Compassionate Home Euthanasia: Appointments scheduled to begin between the hours of 9am and 3pm Monday through Saturday: $100. Appointments scheduled to begin after 3pm or before 9am Monday through Saturday or all day Sunday: $200.
Rechecks: You will be charged the entire recheck fee of $125.