Cremation and Aftercare

Making Sense of Your Options

We know it can be confusing. Hopefully these definitions help, but ask us if you have questions. We do offer cremation services as a stand alone service. You can learn more on our Cost of Care page.

A communal cremation means that there is no separation between pets in the chamber. You may also hear terms such as general or standard cremation. The cremated remains cannot be returned to the family, but are instead scattered or buried together. The crematory we work with periodically scatters their communal cremains in Kaneohe Bay. We offer complimentary cremation, if needed, with our compassionate home euthnasia service.

The following definitions apply to the language used by our particular crematory (so it may differ from what you have read elsewhere):

If you request that your pet’s cremains are returned to you, you are getting a private cremation. Your pet is physically separated from other pets with a barrier, thus enabling return of specific cremated remains to the family. There may be a very minimal amount of intermingling of airborne ashes during the process. For this reason, occasionally families request that their pet is individually cremated.

With an individual cremation, only one pet is cremated at a time. This ensures that there is absolutely no intermingling of ashes whatsoever. With this service, we include complimentary doorstep delivery, by one of our team members, once your pet has been cremated. You may also be present to witness the cremation process by prior arrangement.