Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer weekend or night appointments?
Yes, but it depends on doctor availability, so you will need to call us to make an appointment outside the regular hours. We respect our employees’ personal and family time as much as we value yours, and evening and weekend appointments will cost a little extra. Please ask for an estimate or use our online estimator for more information.

Do you require an exam for a home euthanasia?
We only perform a full physical exam at your request, or if you need an opinion on whether it is the right time for euthanasia. We understand that families who care enough about their pet to engage our services are not seeking it for “convenience” reasons. We do respect our doctors’ right to decline a euthanasia they feel uncomfortable about, and we absolutely promise to treat every client with kindness and respect, and to help families find alternatives if needed.

Why does the doctor need to call me before I can confirm an online appointment?
We want to make sure you understand the service that you are asking for, and give you the answers to any questions you may still have. No one likes surprises, so we also want to be sure our self-service clients received an accurate estimate.

Can I bring my pet to your office?
We do not have a brick-and-mortar clinic where we see patients. All appointments take place in your pet’s home. We will go anywhere on Oahu.


Do I need to pay in advance for service?
Although you are welcome to pay in advance by e-invoice if you prefer, we can accept any major credit card or cash at the time of your appointment. Please note that we cannot take personal checks.

When during the appointment will I pay for services? Can you bill me?
We regret that we cannot bill clients. At most appointments, we take payment after all supplies and medications have been dispensed to you. The exception is that for home euthanasia appointments, we do charge a flat fee and so find it is easier for the family to take care of the billing at the beginning. This will give you the time and space you need to grieve afterward.

Do you offer Military or Senior discounts?
We know how difficult it is to be worried about finances during an already stressful time. In order to keep costs reasonable and deliver top-notch service to all our patients and their families, we are unable to offer discounts.

Getting Ready for Your Appointment

How should I prepare for a consult?
Please try to minimize distractions during the visit as much as you can. It is best not to schedule other contractors or service providers to come to your home at the same time. It is also helpful to have everyone who is important in your pet’s life present for a consult.

We respectfully ask that you do not accept non-urgent phone calls during your appointment. However, it is often the case that loved ones cannot be present for an appointment, and we welcome them to participate via phone or skype.

How should I prepare for a home euthanasia appointment?
We encourage you to think about where you and your pet might like to spend your final moments together and who should be there, either in person or via phone/skype. We are quite flexible and will honor any reasonable request. It helps to know in advance if you plan to be outside.

My pet does not like visitors. What can I do?
Please let us know before the appointment, so that we can brainstorm to minimize the stress associated with our visit. Pets who consider it their responsibility to protect the home and family will accept a visitor more readily if they are kept in a back room before we arrive, then allowed to come into the room where we are.

Questions about Home Euthanasia

How long will the appointment take?
Most appointments take about 45 minutes to an hour, although sometimes they are as short as thirty minutes or may take as long as two hours.

Do I need to withhold food before a euthanasia appointment?
No, feeding your pet is fine and encouraged if they still have an appetite. For your pet’s comfort, we recommend avoiding excessively large amounts of rich treats that could cause stomach upset.

Should I allow my other pets to be present?
This depends on the personality of your other pet(s) and the bond that they share with the pet who is passing away. In most cases, it is best to allow other pets to be present, but to leave a door open so that they may leave if they choose to. Each animal is a unique individual and will respond to the situation differently – maybe by keeping a distance or by wanting to be right there. It is best to respect their wishes and allow them to pay their respects in their own way.

Should my children be present?
We encourage you to discuss this with your older children if, as is often the case, they are close to your pet.It is normal for children and teens to become overwhelmed and not want to stay in the room. Perhaps the kindest thing that we can do is respect and validate their choices and feelings, and allow them the space to leave or stay as they wish.

I need a cremation. What do I need to do?
Let us know that you want cremation, and whether it will be individual or communal. We will include the cost in your final bill and take care of the transportation for you. Cremains are usually ready to come home within a few business days, and most times we arrange for you to pick up at your regular vet clinic. We will take care of everything – you just wait for a phone call. If you do not have a regular vet, or if you prefer doorstep delivery, please inquire with us about your options.

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